Rita Joe
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About me, Rita Joe

Here's the scoop...

About her!!

Rita Joe a Mi'kmaq (Micmac) Indian was born in Whycocomagh in 1932. Daughter of Josie and Annie Bernard. She met Frank Joe in Boston and they moved to Eskasoni, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. They raised 8 of their children and adopted 2 boys. 

About her Work

Her first book "Poems of Rita Joe" was published back in 1978. Her second book, "Song of Eskasoni" was publish- ed in 1988. Several years later in 1991 she published her third book entitled "Lnu And Indians We're Called." Rita Joe's fourth book "Kelusultiek" meaning "we speak" was a compilation of poems and stories. This book had several writers who were all Micmac (Mi'kmaq) women. The book "Kelusultiek" was published back in 1995. It included her poetry and a short autobiography of herself. Her next book called "Song of Rita Joe - Autobiography of a Mi'kmaq Poet" was published in 1996. The sixth book was called "The Mi'kmaq Anthology," it was published in 1997. She and Lesley Choyce were the co-writers.



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Quote from Rita Joe

"When I started the first time writing, I was trying to inspire all minorities with my work. To make others happy with my work is what I wanted to do."



Business Education Degree 1980
Doctor of Laws -  Dalhousie University (1993)
Doctorate of Letters - University of Cape Breton (1997)
Doctor of Humane Letters - Mount Saint Vincent (1998)

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